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This paper outlines the general principles of Sextus Empiricus' Trilemma. The paper explores the responses to that trilemma according to the foundationalist, the coherentist and the infinitist. In addition, this paper attempts to show that the foundationalist response has the most validity. 

From the Paper: 

"Empiricus' trilemma begins with the assumption that we only have knowledge if our beliefs are justified. If those beliefs are challenged, there are only three ways in which we can attempt a justification. First, we can attempt to justify our belief set by reference to some foundational belief or belief set, otherwise known as foundationalism. The problem here is that the second belief or belief set is also not justified by any further belief. Second, we can justify our beliefs mutually, otherwise known as coherentism. In other words, any set of beliefs is justified in conjunction with another."

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