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Racism in the United States: challenges in the contemporary world 


 In 2014, the deaths of two African-Americans in the hands of officers Of US police, who at the end of the process were acquitted. In this case The impunity of justice did not attract so much attention, but the reopening of a A debate that has been a constant in the identity formation of the United States: The implicit and explicit dynamics with which it manifests itself in the world Contemporary racism, and that despite the struggles of characters such as Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln, question how far This practice, and on the contrary, how large sectors of society Legitimize the exclusion of difference. For this reason, on the basis of theories Of Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer (social Darwinism and racial determinism) Together with the postmodernist approach to international relations, is made Analysis of the most subtle forms of social and racial exclusion, taking into Account the challenges presented by these issues today.